Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evans Family Series Q & A

Through Winter Skies was released as planned on February 14, 2012. It was a long time coming, and I'm very excited to have had so many requests to keep publishing the series! I'm working on it, promise.
In the meantime, I've been compiling some frequently asked questions regarding the series and thought I'd post the top 10 here today. I'll move it all over into a page as new posts come along, but for now enjoy! I hope this gives you some more information on what's to come.
Thank you all for your comments and happy reading!
1. Who are the Evans family?
The Evans family was born from Forever Sunshine. In that novel, Chuck Evans is a close friend of Brandon Nicholson. They worked together and shared plenty of fun.

2. Why create a series?
After receiving so many requests for a sequel to Forever Sunshine, I noticed that the book I was currently working on featured a single sentence that soon had me take off with the idea: “Jamie Morton, formerly Evans”. It caught me off guard, for it was totally subconscious, but I grabbed on to what my brain was telling me and developed it from there. Since Forever Sunshine was written in the first person as a memoir, I wanted to make sure I could keep it realistic enough as well as please the fans of the story. It will take place over several novels and Cher appears more as a supporting character than a lead, as readers will soon see.

3. Tell me a little more about the series.
The series begins with an introduction to the Evans family. The first tale, If We Dare to Dream, is Jamie Evans’ experience with finding her love, Andrew Sheehan. Jamie is lucky enough to have four, strapping and over-protective older brothers. They are cousins to Chuck Evans, who is the oldest out of the cousins. Each book from the series will be stand alone, but the case from Forever Sunshine is an important back story in books one through four. The final two, which I am in the process of writing now, are more contemporary romance, similar to Hannah’s Blessing, while the previous four have some suspense.

4. Who are the main characters in the second book?
In Through Winter Skies, which was released on February 14, 2012, Zach Evans is introduced. He is cousin to Jamie’s family and Chuck Evans. In this story, Zach is in Colorado to help his childhood friend, Emery Flores, fend off some ruthless gang members who had invaded her home when she was a teen and currently believe she is hiding money left there during that terrible night. This second novel is where the case for Forever Sunshine is introduced and the heat begins. When you read that novel, pay close attention to some of the newer characters. They will appear again.

5. What about book three? Whose story is that?
Eyes on Tango (scheduled for late-spring 2012), returns to Jamie’s family. This is Hayden Evans’ story and takes place primarily in Mexico. I particularly love this one, as it’s an adventurous tale with plenty of action and fun despite the fact that he and Dr. Danielle Ryan are on the run from a Mexican drug lord. In this installment, the case pulls together and connections are made.

6. Will you be releasing more in 2012?
Yes. If all goes well, I plan to release book four, Ian’s story. I’m hoping for an October release on that one. Kat’s Last Chance is where the case is finally solved, and Ian reunites with his high school sweetheart.

7. Will Kat’s Last Chance be the final installment in the series?
No. I am currently working on books five and six. These are contemporary romances and focus on the children of the youngest brother in the main Evans group. Brian and Brianna Evans are twins, and each one, and their stories take place almost simultaneously. I’m doing something I’ve never done before and writing them at the same time. What an interesting experience this has been so far! I’m hoping to release them in 2013.

8. Who is your favorite Evans?
Hayden has been my favorite so far, but as I’m writing the final two, I’m developing a love for Brianna and Brian, too. They’re great people. Brianna’s fun and Brian’s sympathetic. I truly enjoy working with them. In fact, I love the entire family and wish they were mine! J

9.  What is next on your agenda?
Hmm, now I must admit that I’ve received a lot of requests and questions about whether or not I’m going to follow up with a sequel to Hannah’s Blessing. I have to say that my mind is spinning up new and exciting tales, and I’ve even been considering tying them in with the Evans series. Right now I’m focusing first on finishing books five and six, but after that I think I may be playing a little bit with Roxanne from Hannah’s Blessing. I think she needs a little wakeup call, and I think I have just the man to deliver it!

10. Does Cher come back for a major role?
All I’m going to say at this point is “not yet” J. Time will tell…

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