Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eyes on Tango is coming soon!

I have neglected my blog with the intentions of moving everything over to my website, but I just had to share that the edits are coming along well with Eyes on Tango, and I'm still geared up for a June 5, 2012 release date. It will be available on Smashwords and Amazon immediately. Barnes and Noble and iBooks may take an additional week or two for the shipment to reach them. So here's a bit of a blurb about one of my favorite stories so far:

Escaping a humiliating breakup, Dr. Danielle Ryan packs her bags for the beautiful Mayan Riviera in search of a peaceful, sunny vacation. What she finds instead is a sadistic smuggler, and he is hot on her tail to silence her when she inadvertently obtains the proof to expose his crimes. Her only hope lies in the mysterious Good Samaritan who saves her from a bullet and drags her to safety. But can she trust the sexy man with the dancing eyes, a gun in his hand and too many secrets he’s unwilling to share?

Known to his family as the irresponsible one, happy-go-lucky Hayden Evans was content to hide his double life and allow them to think what they will. All was going well when he suddenly finds himself responsible for an innocent doctor whose life is in danger, and he suspects his house of cards is about to come crumbling down. When ally turns to enemy and he becomes a target, he knows he should cut the beautiful doctor loose to save her life.

As their thrilling adventure unfolds during their run to stay alive, the chemistry between Hayden and Danielle grows. While fleeing up the beautiful Mexican coast, Hayden develops a plan. It puts him at risk, but protecting his brave young doctor is all that matters. Calling in the Evans troops, he soon learns that he is in the middle of their unfolding case, and more than Danielle’s life is on the line.

Special thanks goes out to Laura J Miller at An Author's Art for such a lovely cover. It fits Hayden and Dani's story so well. I love it and hope you do as well!