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Collette's emotionally charged fiction transports the reader so completely into her character's lives it is easy to become engrossed.
Roxanne Smolen, author of Mindbender

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What have I been working on?

In addition to sending my oldest child off to college and having my daughter take over with funny stories about Oscar the dog and out other pets, I am still writing away. Here is a sneak peek at what I've been up to with more to come soon:

Released February 14, 2012:

Through Winter Skies
Evans Family, Book Two

One evening changed two lives:

Ten years ago, a home invasion nearly took the life of a 15-year-old girl, and Zachary Evans became an inadvertent hero. Following the traumatic experience, Zachary pursued a career in law enforcement, becoming a man on a mission. Content with a solitary life, a new case suddenly drops on his desk. It's a continuation of the events that still haunt his dreams, and the new information sends Zachary in a desperate search for his childhood friend. Knowing that his suspects believe her to have something they want, it is a race to find her before they do.

Emotionally and physically scarred following her experience, Emery Flores disappeared into the mountains of Colorado, becoming a reclusive artist with a purpose. Wanting just to be left alone, she is shocked when a face from her past appears at her door. With news she does not want to hear, Emery is reluctantly thrown back to events she would rather deny.

Everything happens for a reason:

Trapped together during a mountain snowstorm, Zach and Emery are forced to confront the past and in the process renew their bond. As man and woman, they find their connection goes much deeper than they thought and long buried feelings re-emerge. But the danger is coming, and Zach finds out that it extends beyond Emery’s case. With ties to a human and drug smuggling ring that claimed the life of a police officer, Zach realizes that Emery may just be the key to blowing the case wide open.

But one question remains: can he risk the woman he loves for justice?

Released November 15, 2011:

The release of the Evans' Family Book I - If We Dare to Dream. I have been writing almost non-stop and recently finished the fifth installment of the series. This series will be a spinoff from Chuck Evans of Forever Sunshine. Lo and behold, he has a large extended family living in Arizona. The first book features his cousin, Jamie, and her four brothers.

Meet the Evans family:

A family torn apart by war and misfortune meets a family held together by the bonds of love.

Two families entwine after one fateful night changes their lives forever. Andrew Sheehan, former elite soldier, returns home from war and is suddenly accused of murder. Only Jamie Evans can prove his innocence.

What would you do?

A single meeting, the memory of one night, holds the key to a murder. If Jamie is correct, she gives a hero back his life. If she’s wrong, she risks freeing a murderer from prison. Trusting her instincts, Jamie puts her life on hold and strives to free Andrew despite her family’s misgivings. Determined to do what’s right, she vows to help him get his life back on track.

Andrew, feeling betrayed by the country he nearly died protecting, fights the demons he carries in an effort to make things work with Jamie and repair the fractured relationship with his brother Adam, who bears his own battle scars.

Dare he dream?

With Jamie and her family’s help, Andrew begins to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Realizing that there is more to life than bitterness and resentment, he starts over again determined to make the best of his experiences. But the killer is still out there, and Andrew soon finds that he’s haunting him still.

Don't forget the emotional romantic drama!

Young and naïve Cherisse Bridwell had focused solely on completing her college degree and beginning her career until one hot summer evening when her frightened older sister, Shelly, arrives looking for help. Cher's carefully ordered life quickly comes to an end.

Trapped in an abusive marriage, Shelly is terrified and has nowhere else to go but to her overworked and oblivious sister. Though Cher is not prepared to handle the effects of a controlling and violent husband, fate delivers help via police sergeant Brandon Nicholson. With his strength and guidance, he shows Cherisse and Shelly how to survive and how to live life to the fullest.

As both women find their inner strength, Cher and Brandon fall in love and build a future together. However, life is full of ups and downs, and through it all Cher and her family must continue to face every day with a feeling of hope and optimism, even when it seems as though all hope is gone.

And of course the hugely-popular and best-selling:

Following her husband’s scandalous death, a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again. However, she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step-brother, Devlan Doyle. He was a man accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and he wanted Diana. Not only was Diana's child his heiress, but her stubborn pride and disinterest intrigues him.

Following a near-tragic accident that forces them together, Devlan sets out to conquer her distrust. Whisked away on a fairytale of a lifetime, Diana and Hannah discover that they are not immune to his charms. But is his determination alone strong enough to win their trust and love, or will he lose the two people he has grown to care for the most?

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More to come soon!