Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stephen England the Blog Tour de Troops

Not so long ago, I was fortunate enough to feature Stephen England, author of Pandora's Grave on my blog. You can read the full interview here. I really enjoyed his book, and when he asked me to spread the word about the Blog Tour de Troops I was eager to jump at the opportunity. Stephen is hosting a giveaway with multiple other authors and many bloggers, and for each giveaway they are also donating books to go to our troops. Please join Stephen as he rallies to this cause. Visit his website at for more details and to take part in a worthy weekend effort!

Here is my review of Pandora’s Grave:
When I first opened this book, I grew very excited. A thriller lover at heart, I began a ride that kept me belted in my rollercoaster car from the very first page. All the while I kept thinking, oh my goodness, this story is great! Stephen England has written an intense, powerful and exciting thriller that seems so realistic that you feel as though he has seen it with his own eyes and survived it to sit down and tell the tale.

Meet Harry Nichols, a CIA operative, sent all over the world with his team to prevent a terrible attack that could kill millions. His job is not easy. His life is not perfect. Yet his loyalty to his country sees him willing to kill and be killed to save it. While Harry is completing his job, governments, military agencies and other operatives are all working either with him or against him.

England has written a thoroughly researched story that is so vivid and realistic that you will truly believe you are reading a first-hand account. His characters are human, his governments are shallow and tricky webs of lies and personal ambition woven among the brave and stouthearted, and his agencies are a tenuous balance of trust and mistrust. On top of that, Mr. England has also integrated the different ideologies and religious beliefs of the Middle East in such a knowledgeable way that I could not believe how well thought out and brilliantly written this book was. Move over Steve Berry, James Rollins and Lee Child!

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