Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays to All

It has been quite a year! From Forever Sunshine being nominated in the Heart Press' Best Women's Fiction poll, to the raving compliments I've received from my fairytale romance, Hannah's Blessing, to topping the charts with my new release If We Dare to Dream, I feel as though 2011 has not only been extremely fortunate for me but also hopefully a sign of what is yet to come. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be an international Kindle bestseller, I would have laughed aloud. However, here I am today, still reeling and stunned to see my books selling over in England, even a few in Germany, France and Spain. Wow. Hanging out in the top 100 for the US and England has been awe-inspiring for me.

Writing has always been my dream. If you have viewed my brief bio, you would have read that I have been writing my entire life. I always kept it private, for when I did express my dreams to others most of the time I was met with derision and mockery. But I was suddenly granted the opportunity to go public with my writing, and with my close friends' and family's support and encouragement (and at times, force) I did it. It's been a busy year, a lot of hard work, a lot of learning and fumbling my way through, but I did it. And I have never been happier. What makes it all worth it is that people like what I write. How much better can that get?

So for the rest of 2011, I will continue to watch those numbers and hope more and more people jump on the Collette Scott bandwagon. With The Evans Family, Book One selling so well right now, I am polishing up Book Two, Through Winter Skies, and will strive to keep that date set for February 14, 2012 as planned. Book Three (as yet unnamed), has a tentative date in June 2012, and Book 4, Kat's Last Chance is set for October 2012. So come along and read about Zach and Emery, Hayden and Dani, and Ian and Kat over the next year. I hope you enjoy those as well.

To finish up the year strong and hopeful is a great feeling. To all my friends, old and new, and family, thank you so much. To my readers, you have given me purpose, and I hope I can continue to grant you a great ride in the upcoming years. My wish to all who visit my blog is that you have a safe and happy holiday season. May 2012 be happy, healthy and prosperous. My thanks and best wishes!

Happy Holidays!


Fairday Morrow said...

Wow! You have had a wonderful year! Congratulations! I wish you continued success. May 2012 be filled with heath and happiness!


Collette said...

Thank you so very much, Fairday. I wish you the same and am keeping my fingers crossed for us all to have a wonderful 2012!