Friday, April 15, 2011

A Child Is Born

April 15th is known around the United States as the dreaded Tax Day. Many people are scrambling as I write this to get to the post office or submit their files online. They have until midnight, and the time for procrastination is over. All that can be very stressful for some, especially in this weak economy. However, April 15th means many different things to me. Sure, it’s tax day and all that, but I try to get my taxes done early every year. I’ve already spent any refund I have by now! No, for me it’s different. April 15th is my parents’ anniversary (happy anniversary!) and it’s also my friend Michelle’s birthday (happy birthday, Michelle!). This particular April 15th is also important for me personally. It’s the day Forever Sunshine is officially available! Hooray!
Yes, those long hours of reading and re-reading, editing and formatting, approving and reviewing are done and the book is now released. Wow, what a long journey it has been. As much as my children detest when I say this, I just have to…. A child is born!
My journey with Cherisse and Brandon may have concluded, but I am still carrying on their tale by spreading it out and sharing it with others. Yes, we all face difficulties. At times they can feel overwhelming to the point where we may just want to give up. Nevertheless, we find our strength and pick ourselves up and continue moving forward. Isn’t that what life is all about? Find your inner strength and keep moving forward.
Though our past may shape us, it’s our future that makes us.
I hope you enjoy!

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