Thursday, April 7, 2011

My new blog

I always feel strange when someone asks who I am. I mean, really, who am I? Am I just a mother of three healthy and beautiful children? Am I just a wife of a great guy, or just a friend to the wonderful people I have in my life? Am I just a writer who finally took the plunge to publish one of her novels?  If this were the case, wouldn’t I just be an average, boring person? Even more importantly, is there anything wrong with being an average, boring person? I certainly don’t think so.
I am an everyday, average person that just happens to like to write. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember, though I never really pursued going further with it until I had a little nudge - okay a hearty shove is more like it. Now look at me! Leaving corporate America, publishing a novel, starting a blog, going on Facebook, Twitter and all the social network sites I can think of (which I’m still working on, by the way).  Who knew?! And I do all this between getting my kids off to school and meeting them when they get home, when a few sacred hours of silence allow me to actually work on all these projects I have in the works.
I did go to college with the idea of eventually publishing always in the back of my mind. My undergraduate degree is in English with a concentration in literature, and I went on to obtain a master’s degree in education as well. Those years of study exposed me to many different writing styles and forms and they taught me about the lasting value of the written word. Therefore, I like to hope that my writing imparts a message for those who read it, especially a positive one.
Though I was raised in Massachusetts, I now reside in the hot desert of Arizona. Yes, the change from ocean to desert was a tough one for me, but I love everything about Arizona. Where else can you drive thirty minutes east on a seventy degree day and see snow, travel a couple hours north and see extinct volcanoes, breathtaking mountains and Native American ruins that will amaze you with their beauty? I love being outside, hiking and horseback riding. Doing so reminds me that we are put on this Earth for one small blip of time and we should enjoy every moment that we have while we are here. 
So thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy my writings. While Forever Sunshine is the first that I’ve published, I am happily writing and hope to be very prolific in the coming years.
Happy reading!

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Shannon said...

This is pretty cool. I can't wait to get a book! :D