Sunday, July 22, 2012

Introducing Shannon and Oscar

Hi there! My mom and I are doing something different with our blog. She has given me full control over it and told me to have a good time. My name is Shannon and I'm going to be sharing some stories about our ridiculous, funny, adorable, and loving dog named Oscar. He is 100 pounds of pure fun, and there have been many times we have laughed at his expense.

Oscar is a 1½ year old purebred Rottweiler. We got him a couple of months ago, and he was pretty mental. He had been given up because his previous owners had to move into a smaller house and couldn’t take him with them. Because of his experience, he had pretty bad separation anxiety, and it took a couple weeks to break him in so we could leave him alone. Now he is pure crazy, and totally comfortable in our house.

This summer introduced many new things for Oscar, and us. Our older Rottweiler, Milo, never swam, so we thought Oscar would be the same. Boy, were we wrong. At first, he would only go to the first step and try to herd anyone in the pool towards him because he didn’t like people in the pool. Eventually he got to the second step and so forth, until he would swim a little bit around (sometimes after being pushed in...). Now he is fine with the pool and jumps in a lot. We like to take his toy and throw it back and forth around the pool to wear him out so he calms down when we get inside. The pool isn’t always a good thing, though. He gets kind of crazy when certain people are in the pool (like little kids and such) because he doesn’t want them to drown, so when my little sister has friends over, he isn’t allowed outside. Sometimes it gets really annoying, but at the same time it’s kind of nice to think that he would protect you if it came to it.

But Oscar isn’t always crazy. When he does calm down he turns into a perfect snuggle buddy. He rests his head on you and stares up at you in a cute “puppy dog” look – which is gross because he is very slobbery. We think Oscar thinks he’s a lap dog, because he enjoys sitting on you. It’s pretty amusing, though, when you have a friend over and he just sits on her lap like it's nothing.

If you are an animal lover, you are bound to enjoy his stories. We have some happy ones, sad ones and funny ones. Every day is a journey with this gentle giant, and I can't wait to share them with everyone.
I hope you all enjoy his stories as much as I do!


Lord David Prosser said...

I'm sure we're going to enjoy not just the stories of the gentle giant but also the new blog storyteller who can put he Oscar perspective across .
Welcome Shannon and welcome Oscar. Nice to meet you both.

Collette said...

Thank you, Lord David! He is so fun to talk about. I hope you laugh about him as much as I do!

Betty Dravis said...

Wow, Collette, Shannon takes after you: she has written a lovely, heart-warming blog about your new doggie Oscar. (We once had a dog names Oscar; my daughter MaryLee was nuts about that one.)

Keep the blogs coming; fun and interesting!

Heart Hugs - Betty

Ilil Arbel said...

What a wonderful blog! I am never going to miss a single story. I love Oscar already, what a nice puppy he is. Big dogs who think they are tiny puppies are as funny as small dogs (such as Pomeranians) who think they are giants and try to protect you...

Collette said...

Thank you so much, ladies! I'm very happy you stopped by <3. I think Shannon is going to have plenty of entertaining stories to tell about this funny dog. Every day is quite the experience with him around!

Big hugs :D

Anonymous said...

I tried to reply didn't work! Hope this one is ok xx