Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oscar and the Kitten

So on Monday, I started school up again and Oscar has gone pretty crazy without the constant attention. My college-bound sister and mom have been painting my sister’s old room for my little sister, so he’s been hanging around them (since Brenna and I are gone). He loves to get in the way of everything, and now has bright blue paint on him. It is quite hilarious.

I was sitting in class today when my phone started vibrating. I figured it was just one of my friends trying to get me in trouble, so I waited until the bell rang before I checked my phone. What I saw made me start laughing out loud, and I got a few curious stares. It wasn't a friend trying to get me in trouble; it was my mom!

Cathleen recently got a kitten from my neighbor as a graduation gift to herself. He is an adorable black kitten with huge ears and an even bigger personality. We like to call him Radar because his ears are so prominent. If he was a boy, he'd probably be picked on. But he's a special little kitten. The best part is the fact that he has NO FEAR whatsoever (except for the vacuum. He hates the vacuum). So while Cathleen and my mom were painting, Mo was going after Oscar.

Now this is a five pound kitten versus a one-hundred pound dog! Thankfully Oscar, being the gentle giant that he is, didn’t go after Mo even though he had his claws out. Poor Oscar’s probably all scratched up, but he dealt with it and was a good spirit. This isn’t the first time that Mo has gone after Oscar, too. Poor dog doesn’t have a chance against the spitfire.

Pound for pound, the cat always wins.

Do you have a funny kitten against dog story? If so, let me know!


Ilil said...

Great entry, Shannon! I hope you keep up this blog all the time, I love it.

I have a story, though it's not exactly kitten against dog, but rather, cats running a dog's life. Jake, rest his soul, was a wonderful and very big dog who lived with my friends in Arkansas and four small cats. Every night, after dinner, my friends settled in the living room. Jake would walk in majestically, and lie down in his special corner. The four cats followed. Then, each cat would go to Jake, touch noses, and settle in a warm corner. The last cat (they took turns) would push Jake's paws apart, settle between them, and go to sleep. Jake never moved until the kitty woke up...

Lord David Prosser said...

Fantastic story Shannon and also great pictures. It's wonderful Oscar is as laid back as he is as I doubt Mo would be even a mouthful for him.
Keep up the stories and news you're doing a great job.

DMS said...

Love this story and the pictures are excellent! Cats can be so funny. Sometimes they just don't care who is bigger.

Good luck with classes. :)

Shannon said...

Thank you all! Sorry I took so long to answer. I've been very busy with school and marching band, but I'll have more stories up soon.

Christine Cooper said...

Hi Shannon
Thanks for taking time out to let us know how things are. Sounds like you are having lots of fun kittens always make you laugh they do such silly things.
Can I ask a favour could you get someone to check po box little surprise for Mom and another to follow hopefully she won't check this blog out. I cannot believe Mom nearly got you in trouble!
I know you are really busy especially with the marching band but just sending best wishes to you all.
Lots of hugs
Christine xxxx

Linda Hawley said...

What a great story!