Sunday, August 26, 2012

How We Got Oscar

So I'm going to back-track a little and start at the very beginning...

It all started when we had to put down our pitbull, Gimli, due to cancer.

We were all pretty torn up because he had been with us for so long (10 years), and we weren't used to not having him with us. My siblings and I grew up with him, and he was a true member of our family. Unfortunately, my mom's dog, Milo, was hit the hardest, though, and we knew that he would never get better unless we got another dog.

We started searching for Rottweiler rescues (my mom ONLY wanted a Rottweiler) and for the next month we debated on which dog was best. Eventually, we found Oscar and fell in love.

But, you see, Oscar had some... issues when we first got him. He had terrible separation anxiety, wouldn't eat... just a total basket-case. We had to work him into our house day by day until he grew comfortable with us. It took us two weeks to break him in. Finally, we claimed him as ours with the help of a ball.

Oscar was mental for a while after we adopted him. He would follow my mom around all day and didn't get along well with Milo at first. But now he has become a great companion - and a funny one, at that! Even though none of us can stand him at the moment because he's pulling his "rebellious teen" phase (more on that to come), I don't think life would be the same without Oscar.


Ilil Arbel said...

What a wonderful story. I heard about Gimli, but I never saw him and seeing his picture here brings him to life for me and I realize how much love he could give and receive.

Oscar's adjustment may have been hard, I can see that, but I am sure it's more than worth it. You will never forget Gimli, of course, but having Oscar makes it better, fills the void a little, and most important, makes life better for Milo, who is suffering most for losing his beloved companion. I am sure that as Oscar settles down, they will be real brothers.

I am very impressed with a family that want only Rottweilers because so many silly people are afraid of those gentle giants! Ah, well. So thank you for a wonderful post and I hope you will continue with the saga of Milo and Oscar!

Give my love to your mother. We all miss her very much! But I know the family (including Oscar!) will look after her very carefully.


Shannon said...

Thanks so much, Ilil! And yes, having Oscar did help a lot. Granted, we still miss Gimli (at least, I do...) sometimes. We won't be able to completely forget about him in the same way we haven't forgotten about past dogs. He had too much personality. But Oscar's happy now, so that's all that matters.