Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm being naughty and posting something non-Oscar related. Sorry, guys.

So as most of you probably know, my mom recently went in for surgery to fix the herniated discs (and a collapsed disc, as well) in her back (FINALLY, in both of our opinions) and I'm supposed to update all of you on her condition.

She went in last Wednesday (9/5) and came home Sunday. The surgery was a success and she says that already she is doing better than she was before the surgery. Her sciatica is better and she can almost comfortably ride in the car. Her incisions are tender and whatnot, and she is walking with the help of a walker (next is a cane!) but she's making progress and that's all that matters.

<-- This is from the first day. Obviously, she looks loopy and in a tone of pain (she even called Tony Romo a "fart-head") but she looked and sounded pretty awesome for someone just out of major surgery.

These are from Saturday, when Cathleen took Brenna and I to visit her. She looks so much better than Wednesday and she was a lot more comfortable. She even has her quick sarcasm back enough to make fun of me.

Front Incision                                                             Back Incision

First day home, saying hi to special boy (Milo).

And finally, thank you to everyone who sent flowers! She was so happy to see how much everyone cared. We even got two free meals! :)


Sabrina Polk said...

So thankful you are doing great! Hope you heal up real quick! I didn't even know you were goin in for surgery :( get well soon! Xoxo

Tamera said...

Collette, Been thinking about you...So happy all went well and you are already feeling relief:) Now do what the Drs. say so you can start writing again...Can't wait to read the next one♥ PS Thank you to your daughter for the update and pictures...very cute and sweet!

Su Warren said...

Been sending prayers, so glad to hear all has gone well and that you are back home with your family. Now enjoy being pampered, relax and behave and do as the doctors ask.
Sending a huge hug. Su xx

Deb Hockenberry said...

You're doing so good after your surgery! The truth is, I didn't even know about it until somebody on Facebook mentioned it. Since then my prayers have been going up. You look good for it being not long from having the surgery. You're doing great too. Keep it up!

Diana said...

Hi Collette
So glad that you have had the surgery and on the mend. Prayers for a speedy recovery to a painfree life. Take care Diana xx

Kathy Robbins said...

Hello. Hope you are well!

You have won a Reader Appreciation Award! Congratulations! I nominated you after careful consideration. For more information, go to http://robbinswrites.blogspot.com/2012/09/blog-award-and-lacy-underwear.html.
Congratulations again. Hope this helps you to heal faster. Ha!

Collette said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you all for saying such sweet things and for all your well wishes. And Kathy! Wow, thank you so very much for the nomination of that sweet award. I'm afraid I've been out of the loop, but I'm happy to say that recovery is coming along pretty well - slowly but surely.

Hugs to you all! Thank you!