Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forever Sunshine Book Signing at Camelback Toyota a Success!

Forever Sunshine Book Signing at Camelback Toyota a Success!

When most people think of an automobile dealership, they think either of buying a new/used car or taking their existing one in for service. Either way, the experience is not always high up there on the list of things most people want to do on a Saturday morning. It’s more of a chore! For those of you not from the Arizona area, you may not be used to the size of the newer dealerships. Camelback Toyota, for instance, has a child’s play place, a café, a private lounge upstairs with massage chairs, and now even author visits to entertain their customers! How cool is that? Now Camelback Toyota wants to show their support to the community, and boy did they ever yesterday! Supporting me, a local artist, a neighboring restaurant, and of course their favorite charity. It was quite a day!

I have to say that I had a blast meeting everyone yesterday. It was a great turnout, with employees as well as customers coming to say hello. There was a lot of interest, and I answered a ton of questions about the story and my future projects. All in all, successful! However, the biggest kudos still must go to Camelback Toyota. They went all out in putting this author appearance together and making it such a success. I want to extend my deepest thanks to them. First for hosting me and allowing me to show my work; second, for inviting Bluewater Grill to serve up clam chowder; and third, for accepting donations for my book to give to the Crisis Nursery – their charity of choice.

I have to say that the day itself was a frenzy of activity. Not just on my part, where I met and signed for plenty of people in the five hours I was there, but also for the hardworking employees there. The Café started even before I got there, giving away free coffee and Danish. At 11 am the barbecue started. One of the sweetest customers actually ran out front to get me a hot dog (thank you for that!) and drink. Then at noon Bluewater Grill arrived and served up free clam chowder from noon to 2 pm. At 2 pm, I packed up and made my way home. Talk about a party!

My biggest hope is that we can do it again. A lot of customers commented to me that chatting with me was more fun than just sitting in the waiting room waiting for the work on their car to be done J. I tend to agree too! Instead of going into a dealership and waiting, how about going into a dealer and meeting an author, or a painter, or a sculptor, or a photographer? Hmmm, maybe there’s more work to do. Maybe that’s a great idea! We’ll just have to wait and see…
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