Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun

The heat of the desert has descended fully upon us, and Arizona - especially the Phoenix area - has gone into winter mode... that's what I like to call it anyway. This is the time of year where us residents hide indoors. Even our pools are too warm to enjoy unless you swim really early in the morning. With another week or so before the monsoon hits, we have to suffer through days over 110 degrees. People, it's just hot!

With my lament passing, I thought I would talk a little about what I've been doing while hiding in the house. Of course I'm writing every day, but with my children home on summer break I have to come up with fun and exciting things to keep them from strangling one another. Yesterday was the opening day of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This third installment of the movie series is a must for my family. It starts back in the 80's. When the cartoon came out, my little brother (who is no longer little!) was completely hooked. My treat to him was to take him to the movie when it first came out in 1986. In 2007, he repaid the favor by taking my children to see it. The Transformers are just a part of our family now.

So we have faithfully watched them all. In fact, my youngest has been watching the DVDs non-stop for the past week, and she wants to see the movie again. The idea of sitting in a cool, air-conditioned theater suddenly didn't seem so bad, even though the movie is well over two hours.

So how was the movie? Better than the second but still not as good as the first. That's my take on it anyway. The big hype, of course, is how Megan Fox was replaced. Well, they made the replacement feasible - after all, he lives back east now and just graduated college - but her replacement just seemed better suited to Patrick Duffy's character than Shia LaBeouf's. Just my opinion... and I, of course, am a woman. Did the kids like it? Sure. Would we see it again? Most likely.

When I told my brother that we were watching the movie without him, he made a comment that seemed to completely fit with what the Transformers franchise must be banking on. The cartoon was geared for those kids of the 80's. In 2007, they came out with the re-make. Those kids were now enticed to see their favorite cartoon characters (and Megan Fox too!) as adults. Now it seems their kids are coming out too. Will Transformers last forever? If they keep making these movies with such spectacular special effects, I can't see why not. With such great driving, entertaining robots, amazing special effects, and of course the pretty woman to entice male movie-goers, it's bound to be a hit. Would I recommend it? I already have!

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